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Tempest proudly announces the opening of, your home for the online study of logic and critical thinking and of, your online home for tutoring and help on logic and critical thinking.

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Tempest Media publishes The Logic Course: The BlueStorm Text, The Logic Course: The BlueStorm Workbook and BlueStorm for The Logic Course (our instructional software). On this site we provide support and assistance both to instructors and students for all of our products. Please feel free to wander around the site. Currently the entertainment section contains four frequently updated cartoons. But this section and the links section will be drastically expanded as time goes on. Other sections will be completed on the schedule noted on the individual pages.

While you may get to anywhere on our site by using the top navigation bar resellers may wish to go directly to our main reseller order page. Instructors who wish an examination copy should go to our examination copy order page.

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