Tempest Media Inc, incorporated in 1998, is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our primary focus is upon the development of educational software and databases.
Tempest Media Privacy Policy
Tempest is committed to Internet Privacy
  • As a matter of course our server collects generic information, e.g., ISP of origin or the number of times a particular page or directory is visited- a counter. We do not know which pages are hit by any particular ISP, only that they were hit. This information does not identify any specific individuals. The statistics are used for business purposes and this information is sometimes released to, for example, business partners. Cookies are only used by our navigation system to locate the point at which one is in navigating. No information is recoverable from this sort of use of cookies.

  • Form Mail, Email or Feedback to Tempest. All information collected in this way, save for the exceptions noted on the forms, regarding individuals or which might identify individuals is used only by Tempest Media and is not provided to any third parties. In particular no names, addresses or email addresses are provided to any third party unless an exception is specifically noted.

  • Information provided to other websites not owned by Tempest but to which Tempest Media is linked is not in the control of Tempest. Provide information to such sites only if you trust them. We strongly recommend against providing any information to sites that do not have any explicit privacy policy.